The core of GOI Trading’s success to date has been the operating values that lie at the heart of all we do.

As we grow, those values become ever more important to us, reinforcing the characteristics that we know our customers and suppliers respect. It drives them to want to work with us and encourages the best people to work for us.

We believe in:

Understanding customers and suppliers
We believe that much of what makes us different is focusing on understanding the business needs and priorities of our customers and suppliers. For us trading is not just about trading or transactions. We are a partner for the long-term linking product creation and end use through smart trading.

GOI Trading’s team are industry experts in their fields with in-depth market knowledge. This extends from our understanding of the trading environments through to complex logistics across ship, rail and tanker transport.

We understand the complex environment in which our customers and suppliers operate and recognise that our agility to respond quickly to their changing needs is an essential element our service.

Being relationship driven
Unlike many traders, for us it is not all about the transaction.  We believe in long-term relationships built on rather old-fashioned thoughts of trust, integrity, consistency and certainty. We are there for the long term.

Financial strength and prudence
GOI Trading has strong financial foundations and manages its operations prudently to ensure long term stability and growth.

Our values are at the heart of everything we do